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buildsupport is a low-level TASTE command, responsible for the generation of skeletons and some glue code.


  • Generates application skeletons in C, Ada, RTDS, ObjectGEODE, Simulink and SCADE.
  • Generates glue code to make the link between user code (based on the generated skeletons) and the underlying middleware/runtime layer, that is currently either PolyORB-HI-C or PolyORB-HI-Ada.
  • Generates the so-called "concurrency view" of the system. It determines the number of threads and locks for shared resources necessary to fulfil the system constraints.
  • Performs a number of semantic checks on the interface and deployment views, to detect design errors as soon as possible.
  • Handles context parameters (also called "functional states").
  • Generates a script that contains all parameters that are required by the TASTE Orchestrator to build the complete system.
  • Handles interface to device drivers.


Released under GPL license.


Installation from sources

assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/buildsupport$ make clean all install