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What is TASTE?

The best way to answer that, is to watch this presentation. You can also read how we use ASN.1 to automatically generate many software parts that are otherwise manually written (and tested!).

You can also watch these two videos, showcasing key features of how a system is designed in TASTE:

Our Wiki will then allow you to get more information about the many tools and technologies we make use of.

How can I install it?

There are a number of ways to install the TASTE toolchain, depending on your skill level and what you want to use the tools for.

Source code

Almost all TASTE tools are developed in the open, and are available under Open-Source Licenses. The toolchain itself is maintained here, with all the tools' source code checked out under it, over Git submodules.
The complete list of the relevant Git repositories can therefore be accessed through this one.

Web resources

For additional documentation and material, please visit...

Support and community

If you want to discuss technical aspects or contact the developers, please use the following mailing-lists: