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0000671: Warnings at compile time
This ticket keeps track of the warnings emitted during the compilation of auto-generated code. The goal is to have zero warnings. Edit this ticket when (1) you find a new warning (2) you have fixed a tool and a warning is gone 1. dataview-uniq.c: In function 'asn1SccMyChoice_ACN_Encode': dataview-uniq.c:1154:6: warning: enumeration value 'MyChoice_NONE' not handled in switch [-Wswitch-enum] switch(pVal->kind) ^~~~~~ EDIT: FIXED 2. x86_partition_taste_api.c: In function 'x86_partition_taste_api_PI_my_function_has_pending_msg': x86_partition_taste_api.c:22:79: warning: unused parameter 'res' [-Wunused-parameter] void x86_partition_taste_api_PI_my_function_has_pending_msg(asn1SccT_Boolean *res) { ^~~ In file included from x86_partition_taste_api_vm_if.c:12:0: x86_partition_taste_api.h:15:17: warning: 'debugCheckQ' defined but not used [-Wunused-variable] static bool debugCheckQ = false; EDIT: FIXED 3. my_function_polyorb_interface.c: In function 'po_hi_c_my_function_my_cycle': my_function_polyorb_interface.c:13:51: warning: unused parameter 'e' [-Wunused-parameter] void po_hi_c_my_function_my_cycle(__po_hi_task_id e) 4. D_view_aadlv2.aadl:50:05: Warning: Source_Language is not a list while the corresponding property name at programming_properties.aadl:61:02 is a list. D_view_aadlv2.aadl:50:05: Warning: The value of Source_Language has been converted into a list. 5. /home/taste/tool-src/kazoo/test/Demo_C/work/build/deploymentview_final/polyorb-hi-c/src/po_hi_task.c:536:40: warning: cast between incompatible function types from 'void * (*)(void)' to 'void * (*)(void *)' [-Wcast-function-type] 536 | err = pthread_create (&tid, &attr, (void* (*)(void*))start_routine, arg); | ^
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2017-09-11 08:18   
Which project do these come from? Maybe it makes sense to commit it in the testSuites or at least attach it here.
2017-11-14 17:00   
This is a general ticket for improving it. Currently, code generated by asn1scc and Ocarina have warnings. for Ocarina, the issue is known and will be handled as part of Peraspera, for asn1scc, this is to be discussed wether you consider this as an issue.