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0000761Taste[All Projects] TASTE-IV/DVpublic2018-04-24 14:562022-05-05 09:53
0000761: Import semantics
When importing functions from another project, they are copied into the new project's interface view AADL. That is fine. But when ASN.1 files are imported into the DataView, it appears that a symbolic link is created. Any changes made in the DataView editor are applied to the ASN.1 file in its original location. I think this mix of semantics is quite confusing. I think the imported ASN.1 files should at least be protected from editing in the project where they are imported. Also, I don't see a way in which I can import the contents of my SDL functions (the .pr files). I have to find out all the folder names for the SDL then copy them manually to the new project.
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2018-05-18 09:46   
During a meeting with ESA, it has been decide, regarding this ticket to: - make all imports read only references (ASN and code) - add a copy component feature that will copy in the local project both ASN files and code if any