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0000772Taste[All Projects] MSC Toolspublic2018-05-16 01:022021-12-02 09:44
0000772: Feature request: display SDL states in MSC
It would be very useful to be able to see the changes in the state of SDL processes in message sequence charts. In other MSC tools this is usually rendered as a SDL state symbol in the swim lane of the process.
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2018-05-16 07:23   
Totally agree. Actually, this is already implemented when you use the Simulator mode of Opengeode (see the animated picture here: http://taste.tuxfamily.org/wiki/index.php?title=Technical_topic:_OpenGEODE%2C_an_SDL_editor_for_TASTE [^] ) The timers are also displayed. When you use the GUIs to interact with a TASTE binary it is a bit different because the GUIs only show two instances (the GUI and the whole binary, that can be made of more than one SDL function). Adding this information would be possible but would imply hidden communication between the binary and the GUI to report this kind of data. It seems to be a good idea in Debug mode. The other option is when you execute "taste-run-and-trace my_binary": this records a MSC that contains all functions and their interactions, as well as the timers (see here for a screenshot: http://taste.tuxfamily.org/wiki/index.php?title=Technical_topic:_Use_of_timers_in_user_code_with_TASTE [^] ) I think it would be possible to add boxes with information about internal data (state of SDL functions, but we could think of more) At the moment in this recording mode, this is not directly possible because the MSC parser does not parse the MSC Conditions or Actions. They can be rendered by the MSC Streaming function but not saved yet. We are going to start developing a brand new MSC Parser and Editor which should allow these - and more, hopefully a state-of-the-art MSC tooling. All your suggestions will be taken into account.
2021-12-02 09:44   
SDL state is now recorded in MSCs in Debug mode