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0000788Taste[All Projects] TASTE-IV/DVpublic2018-07-04 08:082022-05-05 09:53
0000788: Renaming of Provided Interfaces in containers
It is possible to create (nested) containers by nesting functions. This is *very* useful to organize blocks in hierarchies, especially because the containers are explicitly added with PIs. In the provided example (see attached picture), Function1 and Function2 provide a service (`pi_name`) which is required by Function3 (`f1_ri_name1` and `f2_ri_name`). Function1 and Function2 are wrapped into Container, which offers PIs `f1_pi_name` and `f2_pi_name`, respectively. In Taste, it is possible to design such system in two possible ways: 1. Create Container, Function[123] and then connect RIs of Function3 to the respective PIs in Function[12]. This automatically creates the required PIs in Cointainer's interface, and connects Function3's RIs to Container's PIs, and Containers'PIs to Function[12] PIs'. 2. Create Container's PIs and all required connections manually. However, at the moment the editor does not allow to design such system, as: when automatically or manually creating Container's PIs and connections, it pretends to name Container's PIs with the same name of Function[12] corresponding PIs. Of course having same name in the same interface is not allowed. Also, it is not possible to rename Container's PIs. Notice that in the attached model, I have manually changed names in aadl IV, which can be correctly parsed and shown by Taste.
Suggested solution: 1. When creating Container's PIs and connections automatically, Taste should name the Container's PIs according to the names of connected RIs, and not according to connected PIs. 2. It shall be possible to rename freely Container's PIs, whose names should be independent on names of connected PIs.
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