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0000789Taste[All Projects] TASTE-IV/DVpublic2018-07-04 08:352023-05-14 16:50
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0000789: Support multiple fan-out
If multiple fan-in is supported (a single PI can receive from N RIs, N>1), currently fan-out is limited to be 1 (a RI must be connected to a single PI). This requires that if a function F1 needs to send a message to many receivers at the same time, multiple RIs must be created in F1, and each message sent in sequence (if synchronous) or in parallel (if asynchronous) through all RIs. Having fun-out > 1 would simplify hugely the design and the layout at system level, as: - It would require less RIs - If combined with the use of containers, it would require less connections, e.g. a connections from the single RI to a Container's PI, and then multiple connections from the Container's PI to all the PIs of the contained functions. This would allow for the effective definition of a hierarchical component-based system, to support decomposition, delegation, and finally the actual design of of large complex systems.
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duplicate of 0000006closed maxime Broadcast/Multicast feature 
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For the record, both PolyORB-HI/C and PolyORB-HI/Ada support the emission of one request to multiple destinations. So this can be support at the level of TASTE-CV/AADL. Now the open question is to support this at the level of TASTE-IV. I let ESA and Ellidiss answers on this
2018-07-10 12:04   
I added reference to the ticket where we discussed the multicast feature last time ...in ticket 0000006 back in 2010 :-) We can consider reopening this point as part of the ongoing refactoring of buildsupport. The new parsing of the AADL model allows for more flexible options.
2022-12-05 19:51   
Done, selective multicast and broadcast are supported in the GUI and in various runtimes but NOT Polyorb-HI-C (yet). The C++ runtime (Linux) has full support and a subset of embedded platforms. Opengeode has a native support for the sender PID, as well as construct to send a message TO a specific destination.