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0000793: DeploymentView contains relative paths
This is an extract of a DeploymentView.aadl: ''\\ Taste::HWLibraries => ("../../../../tool-inst/share/ocarina/AADLv2/ocarina_components.aadl");\\ '' In the example, there is a path to taste-installation directory, which is relative to the project position. Instead, the path should be relative to some more standard position, like the user's home (with assumptions about the installation position), or even better by using some environment variable like e.g. $TASTE_INST_DIR or similar, to be set by taste environment setup script.
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related to 0000735closed ellidiss Feature request: copy a project 
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Somehow connected to this: http://taste.tuxfamily.org/mantis/view.php?id=735 [^]