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0000851Taste[All Projects] OpenGeodepublic2019-03-29 10:402023-11-01 12:58
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0000851: Fake types in autocomplete list
When declaring variables in a text box, OpenGeode offers autocomplete options as the SDL type name is keyed in. Some of these options do not correspond to types in the ASN.1 model (they appear to have been invented internally by the ASN.1 compiler). For example, the following ASN.1 T-MyEnum ::= ENUMERATED {e1, e2 ,e3 ,e4 , e5, e6, e7, e8} T-MyCompound ::= SEQUENCE { a T-MyEnum(e1), b T-MyEnum(e2), c T-MyEnum(e3), d T-MyEnum(e4), e T-MyEnum(e5), f T-MyEnum(e6), g T-MyEnum(e7), h T-MyEnum(e8) } T-MySequence ::= SEQUENCE { x T-MyCompound, y T-UInt16 } This gives me autocomplete options T_MySequence_a, T_MySequence_b, etc (see attached screenshot). I did not define these types - they may be necessary for implementation reasons but I would prefer not to see them in the autocomplete list. My ASN.1 model is quite big and it's sometimes hard to spot the types I actually want amongst all the fake ones.
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These types only exist for anonymous types. Having them visible allows to create variables that can then be used to fill in the values of the record fields. This proves useful in some situations. I could add an option "Hide anonymous types" in a menu? Would that be a good solution for you?