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0000889Taste[All Projects] TASTE-IV/DVpublic2019-11-08 14:172019-12-12 14:00
0000889: COO8 : set the function supported language through the AADL_project.aadl file
In the current version taste editor version, the list of function languages is hard coded in the source code. The list of function languages shall be retrieve from the AADL_project.aadl file.
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2019-11-08 14:29   
The path of the AADL_project.aadl file has to be set in the editor ini file thanks to the "aadlProjectFile" variable. In the current implementation, the name of the file is not necessary "AADL_project.aadl" but anything the user set (it has to be a text file). The extraction of the supported language follow this algorithm : * search for the "Supported_Source_Languages" string * search for the first occurrence of "(" and ")" after the "Supported_Source_Languages" string * get the value between the 2 parenthesis * transform the string into a tcl list removing all the comments (string beginning with -- and finishing with a \n) * replace, if needed (not empty), the authorized value of the "Source_Language" attribute of the function class The "Source_Language" attribute of the function type (or instance) is not concerned by this feature (current authorized value is : Ada SDL CPP)
2019-12-12 14:00   
in release 2.3.1