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0000897Taste[All Projects] TASTE-IV/DVpublic2019-11-29 10:052019-12-12 13:47
0000897: The list of connections which can be bound shall be modified
When the user try to bind a connection trough the bind menu on a bus, only the highest level connection appears (of course, only the connection which can be bind appears) : if 2 connected terminal functions, F1 and F2, are respectively encapsulated in functions F3 and F4, only the connection between F3 and F4 will appears. This shall be changed in order to semantic connection between F1 and F2 to appear.
The filter algorithm has to be modified according to this criteria : find the connections whose RI is connected to a terminal function and its distant PI is connected to a terminal function. Of course, the 2 functions has to be on a different processeur connected by a bus.
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