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0000932Taste[All Projects] Tasteguipublic2020-09-04 08:332021-06-22 14:02
0000932: Datatypes are not visible
The "Type" column of the parameters has a fixed width and does not permit to display the full type name. 1) make a tooltip appear when user hovers the mouse on the column; 2) give the possibility to augment the width of the column
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2020-09-23 14:33   
1) I think i can implement a tooltip to appear on the type cell in order to see the whole string. 2) i do not think the widget used to display the table offers this kind of feature. I can use another widget but of course it can be a lot of work. I think at first i will try to implement the tooltip in the next release
2021-06-10 08:14   
The fix will be available in the 2.4.0 beta 30 version