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0000933Taste[All Projects] Tasteguipublic2020-09-04 08:402020-09-23 15:07
0000933: Raise an error with context parameters have no default value
Otherwise it causes a build error One exception: Timer type, in that case the tool should not require/display a default value, an put 0 by itself in the AADL model
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2020-09-23 14:49   
the correct default value depends on the datatype chosen i think. The pb is to get the correct default value which can be quite difficult : our dataview parser is far too simplistic to be able to get this value trough a hierarchy of type : * if we have this kind of definition : MyInteger ::= INTEGER (0..255) We can do something, have a map somewhere for all base type and try to take the range into account * for this, it can be tricky (impossible?) with our current parser : MySeq ::= SEQUENCE { a MyInteger, b ENUMERATED { taste(1), welcomes(2), you(3) } } MyChoice ::= CHOICE { a BOOLEAN, b MySeq }
2020-09-23 15:07   
Agreed, that's why I suggest to raise an error only if the field is empty. If the type is "Timer", however instead of raising an error, set automatically the value "0" as this parameter is not needed/not used.