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0000940Taste[All Projects] TASTE GUI Windowspublic2020-11-27 13:482020-11-27 13:48
0000940: Add support for implicit connections between functions with modes and the mode_automaton
In the context of MOSAR we introduced the modes/configurations support in TASTE. It implies: - ocarina updates to support modes in AADL, - some kazoo changes to implement activation, - a component named 'mode_automaton' to handle mode switches and - a few TASTE editor features. All this changes will be published in the project release. The support for modes in a function needs a connection between the mode automaton and the function. Until now the connection is visible in the editor. This ticket was opened to add an implicit support for this connection in the TASTE editor. When a function has modes configured (in the function properties) and there is a 'mode_automaton' component present. TASTE editor should add a required interface named 'configuration_status' to the function and connect it to the 'mode_automaton' when serializing the model in AADL as a file. This connection should be implicit and not visible in the editor. To this end, TASTE editor should not present the same connection when loading a AADL model with such connection.
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