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0000952Taste[All Projects] OpenGeodepublic2022-11-27 10:592023-05-14 16:50
0000952: Errors not locatable when opening SDL model
When an SDL model containing errors is opened, it is not possible to navigate to the errors by clicking on them.
1. Create an SDL model with some semantic errors (e.g. reference to undefined variable), save the model and exit. 2. Edit the model, observe that OpenGeode displays the errors. Click on an error. 3. Observe that view is not transported to the error. 4. Make an incidental change to the model (e.g. move an item) and save it 5. Observe that clicking now transports the view to the error
OpenGeode 3.9.27
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2022-11-27 16:08   
I can't reproduce with version 3.12.2 However I have seen this problem in the past. Can you attach a model that triggers this bad behavior when loading?
2022-12-05 19:47   
Fixed in 3.12.7 (merged in taste)