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Assigned Tomaxime 
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Feature requests


Please could the following features be considered in OpenGeode?

  1. Pages (similar to Excel worksheets) so I can put one transition or state per page. Also make it so I could give the pages useful names.
  2. Search facility (jump to the next box, state, etc, that contains the given text.
  3. More column space by default in the Data dictionary pane so that I don't have to keep resizing the pane and then the columns to see the ASN.1 type names every time I open the project.
  4. Alternatively to 0000003, save the layout of the Data dictionary pane when the project is saved.
  5. Contextual help, e.g. "Goto declaration" facility when hovering over or selecting a variable.
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maxime (administrator)
2019-03-29 08:52
edited on: 2019-03-29 08:52

2 is already there!

Type / (slash) to open the search dialog. Then the "n" key allows to move the highlight to the next occurence.

You can also Search & Replace:

type ":" (colon) to open the dialog (on the bottom)

Then you can do:


If you want to rename state names only, you can do:

%state,state1,STATE1,g (the search pattern is case insensitive)

It works for all symbols:

to allow renaming only specific parts of the model

The search pattern can be a regular expression for both Search and Search&Replace features.

shd01 (reporter)
2019-03-29 10:44
edited on: 2019-03-29 10:44

Thanks for the hint about point 2. Neat!

Is there an OpenGeode user manual that I've missed? I seem to be raising a lot of tickets about things that are already supported :(

maxime (administrator)
2019-03-29 11:22

No, there is no user manual.
This "vim"-like search & replace is mentionned on in the list of features, but admittedly it is not obvious to spot :-)

shd01 (reporter)
2019-04-01 11:21

BTW I have noticed that the search function does not find things declared in FPAR blocks.

maxime (administrator)
2019-04-04 12:10

.3 and .4 are fixed in 2.0.34

the column for the types is now large enough by default to fully display the types, and the windows geometry is saved/restored when you quit the tool

maxime (administrator)
2019-04-04 12:59

I do not understand the comment about the FPAR blocks. FPAR declaratiosn are in standard text boxes. the Search looks into them (however it does not point precisely at the place where the text is found in the box, which is not very helpful if there is a lot of text).

maxime (administrator)
2019-04-04 14:40

.5 is addressed in 2.0.35

When you edit text and move the cursor on a variable, this variable will be highlighted in the data dictionary on the right (therefore you'll get its type)

I'll extend this to other items of the data dictionary, but the basic feature is implemented.

shd01 (reporter)
2019-05-09 14:38

It seems that the highlighting in the data dictionary only works if you make an edit. It does not appear possible to highlight the variable name and see its declaration, you have to actually change it.

maxime (administrator)
2023-05-14 16:52

.1: partitions are now supported.
All requested features are now in. Closing ticket!

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