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0000857Taste[All Projects] Tasteguipublic2019-04-05 10:272019-04-10 07:58
Assigned Tomaxime 
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GUI PIs without parameters causing signal loss in MSC recorder


Complementary to 0000856, but more pressing.

If a sporadic PI that does not have a parameter is created on a GUI, and that PI is connected to a RI on a SDL function, then when a signal is sent by the SDL function via that RI, the MSC recorder stops recording signals from all sources other than the TASTE GUI.

If 0000856 could be addressed at the same time as this, I would be very grateful.

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Sporadic PI with no parameters can not be connected to a RI on a GUI


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maxime (administrator)
2019-04-05 10:38

I don't understand - since it is not possible to have parameterless interfaces in GUIs, how did you create a PI that does not have a parameter on a GUI ?

shd01 (reporter)
2019-04-09 15:40

It's very easy to do:

  1. Create a SDL function.
  2. Create a sporadic PI with no parameters on the SDL function.
  3. Create a RI on the GUI, with "inherits from PI" TRUE (default).
  4. Connect the PI to the RI.

See attached project

shd01 (reporter)
2019-04-09 15:41

Oh I see, I said PI and RI the wrong way round.

shd01 (reporter)
2019-04-09 15:41

It's still a problem though.

shd01 (reporter)
2019-04-09 16:01

Looking at my actual model, I have created PIs on the GUI that do not have parameters. Which is opposite to the example model I attached.

In the example model, when generating code skeletons, TASTE gives an error saying that the RI must have a parameter.

To create the PI on the GUI with no parameter, just create it. Then attach it to a RI on the SDL. There is no error reported by TASTE when generating code skeletons.

maxime (administrator)
2019-04-10 07:58

OK, I think there is a regression somehow in the GUI. It is supposed to spot PIs without params and forbid them (and I am pretty sure it did in the past).

We'll work on supporting parameterless GUI interfaces so that both issues will be resolved at once.

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