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0000870Taste[All Projects] Buildsupportpublic2019-05-15 10:142019-11-20 09:57
Assigned Tomaxime 
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Attempt to build with unconnected PI/RI causes crash


If a build is launched with an function that does not have all of its interfaces connected, the build crashes with the following error:

+========================== OCARINA BUG DETECTED =========================+
| Detected exception: STORAGE_ERROR |
| Error: s-intman.adb:139 explicit raise |
| Please refer to the User's Guide for more details. |

raised STORAGE_ERROR : s-intman.adb:139 explicit raise
Call stack traceback locations:
0xb71d7e76 0xb7742cee 0x80174175 0x80174be4 0x80174dd9 0x8015cf4f 0x800c5774 0x800e5e7a 0xb6c38274 0x800c52df

Symbolic Traceback:
0xB71D7E76 0xB7742CEE 0x80174175 0x80174BE4 0x80174DD9 0x8015CF4F 0x800C5774 0x800E5E7A 0xB6C38274 0x800C52DF

Failed while executing:
"buildsupport" -x 100 -g --keep-case --gw --glue -i "/home/taste/micronodes/taste/master/__iv_1_3.aadl" -c "__dv_1_3.aadl" $(ocarina-config --resources)/AADLv2/ocarina_components.aadl -d D_view_aadlv2.aadl --polyorb-hi-c --smp2 /home/taste/tool-inst/share/config_ellidiss/TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl /home/taste/tool-inst/share/config_ellidiss/TASTE_DV_Properties.aadl
From this directory:

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Unconnected sporadic PI cause compilation issue


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