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The ASN1SCC ASN.1 compiler parses an ASN.1 grammar and converts it to (a) the corresponding C or Ada type declarations, and (b) functions that encode/decode these types to/from binary streams, according to a specified ASN.1 encoding.

The ASN.1 glue generators parse an ASN.1 grammar types and create run-time data translation "bridges" between e.g. SCADE type declarations and ASN1SCC-generated type declarations. These generators support an ever expanding set of modelling tools, including SCADE, Simulink, OpenGEODE, PragmaDev Studio, etc.


  • The ASN.1 compiler:
    • supports NATIVE, Unaligned PER (uPER) and ACN (user-controlled) encodings
    • creates both C and Ada type declarations and encoders/decoders
    • esp. for Ada, it emits SPARK compatible code, that validates under the SPARK suite
  • The ASN.1 glue generators:
    • Perform type mapping of ASN.1 grammars to declarations in SCADE, Simulink, Pragmadev Studio, C and Ada.
    • Create run-time translation bridges between the C types generated by SCADE, Simulink, OpenGEODE, Pragmadev Studio and the C types generated by the ASN1SCC ASN.1 compiler.
  • The combination of the two, allows ASN.1 to be used as a "universal translator" between modelling tools - and forms the "heart" of TASTE's data modelling.


Go to Gitlab and follow the instructions, or find it pre-compiled/installed in the TASTE Virtual Machine


Released under GPL with Runtime Exception