Create an installer for TASTE GUI for Windows

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Using WinRAR you can create a self extracting archive (SFX) that can work as a tasteGUI installer.

You will need to download and install WinRAR and also have the tasteGUI executable directory (Create an .exe file from the TASTE GUI for Windows sources).

How to

Fig. 1 - WinRAR main window
Step 1 - Select files for installer

Open WinRAR and navigate to the directory which contains the tasteGUI executable. Then, select all files and folders and click on the Add button (first button of the toolbar), see figure 1.

Step 2 - Select to create an SFX (self extracting archive)

A window like figure 2 will appear. Write the name of the installer in Archive name. Make sure to check Create SFX archive.

Step 3 - Configure SFX options

Then, go to the Advanced tab and click the SFX options... button, see figure 3.

Step 4 - Define install directory

A window like figure 3 will appear. In Path to extract make sure to write the name of the folder where the executables will be placed, select Create in "Programs Files" as your destination folder and check Save and restore paths so that the installer will remember where to install the tasteGUI package in case of a reinstall.

Step 5 - Delete files before install

Next go to the Advanced tab, see figure 5. In case you want the installer to delete any file in the destination directory before install write them down in Files to delete in the destination folder.

Fig. 2 - WinRAR add general window
Fig. 3 - WinRAR add advanced window
Step 6 - Create shortcuts

In case you want to create shortcuts to any of the archived files after unpacking click the Add shortcut (figure 5). A window like figure 6 will appear. Select the kind of shortcut you want (Desktop, Start Menu/Programs or Startup). Then you need to specify the archived file you want to add a shortcut to in Source file name. The rest options Destination folder, Shortcut description, Shortcut name, Shortcut icon are optional and self explanatory. When you finished click OK. The new shortcut will appear in a box, see figure 5. If you need to add more shortcuts repeat step 6.

Step 7 - Request Admin. access

Select Request administrative access (figure 5) if you want the installer to request administrative access when executing the installer.

Fig. 4 - WinRAR SFX general window
Fig. 5 - WinRAR SFX advanced window
Fig. 6 - WinRAR SFX add shortcut window
Step 8 - Specify license

Go to the License tab, see figure 7. Here you can configure if you want any license to be shown before install of tasteGUI be specifying the name of the license window and the license text.

Step 9 - Specify description

Go to the Text and icon tab, see figure 8. Here you can configure if you want any description of the software to be installed to be shown before. Specify the name of the main install window and the description text to be shown.

Step 10 - Add icon and logo

In the Text and icon tab, see figure 8 you can also specify the icon of the installer (Load SFX icon from the file) and the logo for the installer windows (Load SFX logo from the file). Remember that the icon must be of the .ico type and the logo must be a .bmp with a size up to 93x302 pixels.

Fig. 7 - WinRAR SFX license window
Fig. 7 - WinRAR SFX text and icon window
Step 11 - Final steps

Press OK for the Advanced SFX options dialog and then for the Archive name and parameters.