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Welcome to the TASTE wiki!


TASTE is a set of freely-available tools dedicated to the development of embedded, real-time systems. It is developed by the European Space Agency together with a set of partners from the space industry.

TASTE promotes the combined use of formal description techniques (AADL, SDL, MSC, ASN.1) with strongly typed programming languages (Ada) and other system-level modelling tools (Simulink, VHDL) and coding languages (C, C++).

The tools run on the Debian Linux operating system and are available in a pre-installed virtual machine.

TASTE addresses system architecture, data and behavior modelling and allows to generate low-level code for micro-controllers and distributed, communicating systems. Various platform are supported : x86/Linux, Raspberry Pi, MSP430 with FreeRTOS, STM32 with the GNAT Runtime or FreeRTOS, Leon2/Leon3 with RTEMS, as well as targets including FPGA components. It is open and extensible.

TASTE fields of research include simulation, model checking, software correctness by construction, documentation generation, and in general improvement of the software development lifecycle through automation.

TASTE Ecosystem, Overview and Screenshots

TASTE installation

Documentation and presentations

Management and release process