Merging into stable

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As TASTE development proceeds, the developers involved in the taste-dev list periodically decide it is time to make a new release. This is usually triggered by the introduction of new features that the users want, or by fixing important bugs (sort of like the "patch-Tuesday" of other commercial entities).

The process of releasing is simple:

  • The relevant updates to the documentation are added under the repository's doc/
  • A regression checking run is made in the main trunk, to make sure that no existing functionality has been broken.
  • Then, the trunk is merged into the stable branch:
svn merge ...
svn commit -m "Merged functionality for..."
  • The end users are notified that they can "" in their VMs and get the latest versions of everything
  • The VM is updated, via the procedure described here, so that new TASTE users get to use the latest versions of the tools, too.