OBCP implementation

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OBCP Implementation within TASTE

This page describes a first implementation of the OBCP engine in TASTE using components.

Warning: this prototype is not supported and was done only as a proof of concept

OBCP engine

The OBCP engine is depicted using a specific component. To ease the reuse of the components, we embedd it within a specific container. To show that we can distribute the OBCP engine from the load/execute request, we distribute the request and OBCP engine on separate components on different nodes connected through an Ethernet bus.

The following pictures show the interface view and deployment views.



Project Availability

The project is available as a Taste GUI project under the tastegui/examples/obcp/project.taste file.

Warning: the project is present only in the unstable repo (trunk)

Building the project

In order to be able to build the project, you need to enable LUA for PolyORB-HI-C. If this is not already done, you can enable it by reconfiguring PolyORB-HI-C. You can do it by performing the following command in PolyORB-HI-C sources :

./configure --enable-lua && make install