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The repository

TASTE development is revision controlled, via a Subversion repository hosted inside European Space Agency's servers. The most important repository folders as of September 2013, are the following:

  • buildsupport: Reads the overall design, and generates the implementation skeleton files that the developers will fill-in.
  • DMT: The Data Modelling Toolchain, including the ASN.1 compiler and all the TASTE modelling mappers (Simulink/RTW, SCADE, VHDL, etc).
  • doc: Official documentation.
  • ellidiss: The Ellidiss GUI, used to design the Interface and Deployment Views of TASTE systems.
  • ocarina: Performs the vertical transformation, encapsulating TASTE Functions in executable code
  • orchestrator: Runs all the necessary tools to compile TASTE systems (the entrypoint)
  • po-hi-ada: PolyORB Ada
  • po-hi-c: PolyORB C
  • testSuites: Regression checking suites


The repository contains a stable branch, which is the one ordinary users should be following. Main development (unstable work) is done in the main trunk, and is periodically merged piece-wise in the stable branch. If for whatever reason you want to try a bleeding-edge feature, use svn switch to switch to the main trunk, and invoke make from the repository root. Remember to eventually switch back to the stable branch, otherwise prepare yourself for sudden breakages.

Stay in sync

From inside the TASTE VM, just run UpdateTASTE.sh. This will take care of all the necessary changes in the environment, including but not limited to...

  • svn update executed in your ~/tool-src folder (will fetch the latest version of whichever you are following, the stable or the unstable branch).
  • Running prepare.sh and additionalWork.sh from the root of the repos, which will take care of installing any additional missing dependencies, etc. Note that these assume your account can passwordlessly execute sudo commands, to e.g. install new packages via apt-get.
  • Installing the freshly compiled binaries under ~/tool-inst
  • etc

For detailed information on what happens during the update, read the relevant article.

Ellidiss GUI and NeuroPublic DMT

In the past, the Ellidiss GUI and the Neuropublic Data Modelling Toolchain were hosted outside the ESA repository. This has changed in 2013, and these components are now stored in the repository - updated and maintained as parts of the overall TASTE deployment. The ASN.1 compiler in particular, is also available in completely open-source form (dually licensed) in [GitHub].