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Ocarina is used to analyze and build applications from AADL descriptions. Because of its modular architecture, Ocarina can also be used to add AADL functions to existing applications. Ocarina supports the AADL 1.0 and AADLv2 standards.


  • Parsing and pretty printing of AADL models.
  • Semantics checks.
  • Code generation using PolyORB-HI-Ada and PolyORB-HI-C under TASTE.
  • Model checking using Petri nets.
  • Computation of Worst-Case Execution Time using Bound-T.
  • REAL, Requirement Enforcement and Analysis Language, an AADLv2 annex language to evaluate properties and metrics of AADLv2 architectural models.
  • Scheduling analysis of AADL models, with a gateway to the CHEDDAR scheduling analysis tool.


Released under GPL license.


Installation from sources

assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/ocarina$ PREFIX=whereveryouwanttoinstall
  • Configure
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/ocarina$ make distclean ; ./support/reconfig && ./configure --prefix=$(PREFIX) --enable-debug
  • Invoke make
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/ocarina$ make
  • Finally, invoke make install
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/ocarina$ make install