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Orchestrator is in charge of automating the build process. It takes as input the data view, the interface view, the deployment view, as well as the complete functional code (i.e. the filled-in skeletons), and then calls each tool (buildsupport, Ocarina, compilation scripts and so on). As a result, the Orchestrator produces the final binaries that correspond to the system implementation.

This tool is maintained by Semantix Information Technologies.


  • Completely automates building of TASTE systems
  • Supports subsystems in SCADE, Simulink, PragmaDev RTDS, ObjectGeode, C, Ada, VHDL, ...
  • Allows per-node configuration of:
    • Debug mode on/off
    • Coverage analysis on/off
    • Profiling mode on/off
  • Allows specification of extra C/Ada code/libraries to compile/link with
  • Uses Ocarina and buildsupport (VT) functionality to control stack size of executable
  • Automatically creates run-time Python bridges (to control/monitor run-time system)
  • Automatically creates graphical user interfaces (TM/TC recording in MSCs, run-time playback of MSCs, monitoring, and more)
  • Uses TASTE components functionality to support a wide range of HW and SW targets: Linux, Windows, RTEMS, POSIX, Leon/x86, GnatForLeon, etc


Released under GPL license.


Installation from sources

assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/orchestrator$ PREFIX=whereveryouwanttoinstall
  • Then type the following commands
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/orchestrator$ mkdir -p $PREFIX/bin/
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/orchestrator$ cp -f src/assert-builder-ocarina.py $PREFIX/bin/
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/orchestrator$ cp -f src/checkStackUsage.py $PREFIX/bin/
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/orchestrator$ wget -x https://tecsvn.estec.esa.int/svn/taste/branches/stable/misc/helper-scripts/cleanupDV.pl $PREFIX/bin/