Orchestrator error reporting scheme

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When reporting an error or incident within the TASTE toolchain we basically need a report that will indicate what happened, where it happened and how it happened. The following report scheme is suggested:

[LEVEL] Category description

Where LEVEL indicates the severity of the report. The following levels are proposed:

  • INFO

Category points out the step of the process where the incident took place. The following categories have been found:

  • Building Ada subSystems
  • Building C code of VHDL subSystems
  • Building C subSystems
  • Building ObjectGeode subSystems
  • Building RTDS subSystems
  • Building SCADE subSystems
  • Building Simulink subSystems
  • Building automatically created GUIs
  • Building automatically created Python stubs
  • Building cyclic subSystems
  • Checking If InterfaceView Needs Upgrading
  • Compiling additional C code in '...'
  • Creating AADL dataviews
  • Creating GUI:
  • Creating and compiling glue code
  • Creating include paths directive
  • Detecting Ada Packages
  • Detecting Cyclic subsystems
  • Detecting GUI subSystems
  • Detecting Python subsystems
  • Executables built under '...'/binaries: '...'
  • Finding Wrappers
  • Gathering all executable output
  • Gathering new Python-based GUIs: '...'
  • In the list above, the filter
  • Invoking ASN1 Compiler
  • Invoking BuildSupport
  • Invoking ObjectGeode Generator
  • Invoking Ocarina
  • Invoking Ocarina generated Makefiles
  • Parsing Command Line Args
  • Parsing Partition Information
  • Python bridges built under '...': '...'
  • Renaming commonly named symbols
  • Special handling of Ada code [TERMA request]
  • Unziping Ada code
  • Unziping C code
  • Unziping RTDS
  • Unziping SCADE code
  • Unziping Simulink code

Finally, description shows the corresponding details of the incident. It can report the call and output of the call that caused the incident. So, for example, this is a possible report:

[ERROR] Building C systems
'gcc -g -ansi -Wall -c testrda.c In file included from /usr/include/iso/stdio_iso.h:36,from /usr/include/stdio.h:22, from rda.h:16, from testrda.c:20:/usr/include/sys/va_list.h:26: syntax error before `typedef'make: *** [testrda.o] Error 1'