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PolyORB-HI is a middleware that interfaces generated code from AADL models to Real-Time Operating Systems. It maps the primitives of the generated code to the ones offered by the operating system, in order to ensure their integration.

The Ada version can be used on top of Linux, RTEMS and Open Ravenscar Kernel (ORK+). It enforces the Ravenscar profile and has been successfully tested on LEON and x86 targets.


PolyORB-HI provides the following services to the generated code:

  • Tasking: handle tasks according to their requirements (period, deadline, etc.).
  • Data: define types and locking primitives.
  • Communication: send/receive data on the local application and send them to the other nodes of the distributed system.
  • Device Drivers: interact with devices when a connection uses a specific bus.


Released under GPL license.


Installation from sources

assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/po-hi-ada$ make distclean ; ./support/reconfig && ./configure --enable-debug
  • Invoke make
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/po-hi-ada$ make
  • Finally, invoke make install
assert@assertvm:~/tool-src/po-hi-ada$ make install

Note: Make sure your GNAT and Ocarina bin/ directory is in your PATH environment variable before executing the above commands.