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Conference papers / presentations

  • [AEROCONF-2016] M. Lattuada, F. Ferrandi, M. Perrotin Computer Assisted Design and Integration of FPGA Accelerators in Aerospace Systems pdf
  • [ERTS-2016] M. Perrotin, K.Grochowski, et al. TASTE in action File:ERTS 2016 submission 29 Final Accepted.pdf
  • [IEEE-ESWEEK-2015] M. Perrotin, J.-L. Terraillon, C. Honvault Taste: towards a space system development framework File:ESWeek2015-Perrotin.pdf
  • [VDM-2015] M. Verhoef, M. Perrotin. TASTE for Overture to keep SLIM. File:Taste-for-overture-verhoef-perrotin.pdf
  • [DTT-DASIA2012] J. Delange, F. Torelli and J-L Terraillon. Implementation of SOIS in TASTE. File:Taste-dasia2012-full.pdf
  • [PTDC-ERTS2012] M. Perrotin, J. Delange, T. Tsiodras and E. Conquet. TASTE Overview. File:ERTS2012-TASTE-OVERVIEW.pdf
  • [PCDTH-ERTS2010] M. Perrotin, E. Conquet, P. Dissaux, T.Tsiodras, J. Hugues. The TASTE Toolset: turning human designed heterogeneous systems into computer built homogeneous software File:TASTE-ERTS2010-v4-final.pdf
  • [MTLP-ERTS2012] G. Mamais, T. Tsiodras, D. Lesens and M. Perrotin. An ASN.1 compiler for embedded/space systems File:Erts2012 submission 27 ASN1Compiler.pdf
  • [PCDTS11] Maxime Perrotin, Eric Conquet, J. Delange, Thanassis Tsiodras and Andre Schiele. TASTE Case study: A Real-Time Software Engineering Tool-Chain. In SDL Forum 2011. File:TASTE-SDL2011-LNCS-PERROTIN.pdf
  • [DHD12-ERTS2012] J. Delange, Jérôme Hugues and Pierre Dissaux. Validate implementation correctness using simulation: the TASTE approach. File:Erts2012-simulation-execution.pdf
  • [DHW12-ERTS2012] J. Delange, Christophe Honvault and James Windsor. Model-Based Engineering Approach for System Architecture Exploration. File:Erts2012-evaluation-ima.pdf
  • [DH11-AEROTECH11] J. Delange and Jérôme Hugues. Incremental Modeling and Validation of Space Mission using AADLv2. AEROTECH11.
  • [DP11-OSADL11] J. Delange and Maxime Perrotin. On integration of open-source tools for system validation, example with the TASTE tool-chain. 13th Real-Time Linux Workshop File:Osadl11 delange perrotin.pdf
  • [HPDP08-ERTS2008] J. Hugues, L.Pautet, P.Dissaux and M.Perrotin Using AADL to build critical real-time systems: Experiments in the IST-ASSERT project. ERTS 2008. File:AADL ASSERT ERTS08.pdf
  • [DPK08] J. Delange, L. Pautet and F. Kordon. Code Generation Strategies for Partitioned Systems. In 29th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'08) Work In Progress, IEEE Computer Society, December 2008. [PDF]

Journal papers

  • [GENIE-LOGICIEL11] J. Delange and Maxime Perrotin. Validation des spécifications et de l'implémentation avec la plate-forme TASTE In Génie Logiciel - Ingénierie Dirigée par les Modèles, Juin 2011.
  • [OPENSILICIUM11] J. Delange and Maxime Perrotin. Implémentation de systèmes critiques dirigée par des modèles In Open Silicium.

Book chapters

  • [HERMES-2008-MP] Maxime Perrotin. Systemes répartis en action (chapitre 3) - Lavoisier, 2008.
  • [WILEY-2011-MPetal] Maxime Perrotin. Distributed systems - design and algorithms (chapter 9) - ISTE, Wiley, 2011. [[1]]

Other papers

  • [E-UPM2014] G.P.-T Estévez. UPMSat-2 satellite’s Manager software subsystem: Design, validation, implementation and verification - UPM, 2014. File:TFG Gonzalo Perez-Tome.pdf