Supported target architectures

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Supported architectures and targets

Hardware architecture Operating system/Hypervisor Devices supported
Leon3/4 (GR712, N2X, GR740) RTEMS5.1 [1] Serial, Ethernet (GR740), Spacewire (GR712RC/N2X/GR740)
Leon3/4 (N2X, GR740) AIR [2] Serial, Ethernet (GR740), Spacewire (GR712RC/N2X/GR740)
STM32F407/429 [3] Ada runtime Serial
x86/native(32/64) Linux/C runtime Serial, Ethernet/TCP
x86/native(32/64) Linux/Ada runtime Serial, Ethernet/TCP
x86/native(32/64) Linux/C++ runtime Ethernet/TCP
MSP430FR5969 [4] FreeRTOS Serial
MSP430FR5969 [5] Ada runtime Serial
Raspberry PI 3/4 Linux/C runtime Serial, Ethernet/TCP

To support new architectures, the most critical part is the support for the OS. If your new architecture is already supporting one of the OSes mentioned above, then porting TASTE to run on your platform should be relatively easy (configuration of cross-compilers, etc).

If you do add support for a new platform, please provide us with your patches and we will augment this list in both the wiki and the TASTE VM.