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A TASTE graphical interface working under Windows platforms to interact with a remote machine with the TASTE daemon tasted and assist the system designer in the use of the different tools of TASTE. It provides a convenient interface to design the different views of your system (data, interface and deployment). For a basic tutorial of its use go to Using TASTE GUI for Windows.


  • Fully handle the TASTE process through the TASTE daemon tasted.
  • Connect to tasted given an IP address and a port number.
  • ASN.1 data editor with syntax highlighting and the possibility to check ASN.1 syntax.
  • Load TASTE-IV to edit the Interface View.
  • Load TASTE-DV to edit the Deployment View.
  • Save connection preferences.


Released under GPL license.


  • None


  • Download the installer either with subversion (Subversion repository) or download through the public repository (http://download.tuxfamily.org/taste)
  • Execute the installer, accept the license agreement and specify the installation directory.
  • Once the installer has finished a new access to tasteGUI through the start Menu under the folder TASTE toolset will be available.

Submit a bug

When submitting a bug proceed as stated in Submit a bug but remember to copy the file tastegui.log located in your tasteGUI install directory to attach it with any other material that may be of interest like screenshots, project archives, etc.