TASTE for Eclipse

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TASTE for Eclipse is experimental and should not be considered as a supported feature. It was just introduced to show the capability of Eclipse modeling framework and the capability for importing/exporting models. In particular, having a full integrated development environment could be very helpful for the developer. So, to edit the code, the user can defines its own model and edit the other parts of the code using other plug-ins, such as:



  • Definition of data view
  • Automatic conversion of ASN.1 data view into AADL data view using TASTE daemon or ASN1Scc
  • Definition of graphical models merging Interface and Deployment view
  • Skeletons generations using the TASTE daemon or in-house code generators
  • Build project using the TASTE daemon
  • Export of interface and deployment views in AADL

Download and use the tool

The sources are available on github at https://github.com/juli1/taste-eclipse

You can use/clone and request commit access on the repository. To use it, you have to import the repository (using the Git team plug-in from Eclipse) into your computer and import the following projects into your workspace :

  • nl.esa.tec.swe.taste.branding
  • nl.esa.tec.swe.taste.metamodel
  • nl.esa.tec.swe.taste.utils
  • nl.esa.tec.swe.taste.wizard
  • nl.esa.tec.swe.taste