TASTE for Windows - Project Schedule

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  • 19/03 : First specs. draft.
  • 24/03:
  1. First draft of GUI with Python.
  2. Final specs draft.
  3. Draft of text edition widgets with Python and Qt.
  • 30/03: First installation package for Windows (draft).
  • 15/04: package installation for Windows with VM and dependencies.
  • 27/04: Connection error messages with tasted, save server preferences, check syntax button enabled.
  • 30/04: edition of dataview ASN and generation of dataview.aadl with tasted.
  • 04/05:
  1. Fix server connection bug on start-up.
  2. Enable check syntax button.
  3. Add new error message when project transfer fails (specs.)
  4. Enable InterfaceView button when DataView is OK.
  5. When InterfaceView is OK generate skeletons, enable code edition and enable DeploymentView button.