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The TASTE VM includes an instance of QEMU which partly supports the Leon2 and Leon3 processors. The time is not properly emulated and runs too fast, so if you have periodic tasks they will not appear to run at the right pace. But it may be a good way to quickly test your application.

The full command line (for information) is:

   $ xterm -e /opt/qemu-leon2/bin/qemu-system-sparc -M at697 -nographic -kernel /path/to/your/binary

The binary must have been built with the C runtime, and use Leon2/RTEMS Posix in the Deployment view.

Use xterm -e to create a new window because it is not possible to interrupt the execution with Ctrl-C


   $ xterm -e taste-simulate-leon2 /path/to/your/binary
   $ xterm -e taste-simulate-leon3 /path/to/your/binary