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TASTE provides a fully automated integration with databases of all kinds - from sqlite to Oracle databases.

This feature allows to do three things:

  • Filling up databases with data needed to operate a running application in a distributed node (e.g. lists of telecommands to operate a satellite)
  • Retrieving available data and sending it to the running application from a GUI
  • Storing automatically data collected from the running application (e.g. telemetry sent by a satellite - housekeeping, etc.).

The following picture illustrates how this feature works in practice:


Telecommands and telemetries is the terminology used in space applications. They represent any kind of typed data exchanged between two applications. Data types are defined in ASN.1 and if so desired, the corresponding SQL tables to store/retrieve them are automatically generated by TASTE.

The TASTE Interface View Editor contains a menu entry that allows to automatically create the database for the current project:


Then if you have a GUI component in your system, when code is running, the GUI will automatically offer the possibility to Pick telecommands from the database and store telemetries into it.